Benefit report

14 Jul

In Nichiren Buddhism we experience what we call conspicuous and inconspicuous benefits, break-throughs and victories. Want to see what my mom, my wife, other SGI members and I accomplished and manifested quickly??? Read below.

 Here’s my daily benefit report: As I’ve mentioned in my 2 previous post, one of the main things I’m chanting for is my mom’s total health victory and for her to be 100% cured head to toe. My determination for this is sooo aggressive, I purchased a journal and actually wrote 5 pages of specific things I want to improve. I won’t bore you all with the list, but I will say I’m seeing actual proof of an answered prayer already!!!
My mom was told in November 2011 she would need to begin dialysis soon due to her rapidly daily kidneys. Her nephrologist advised her she should get a fistula implanted in her arm. (an artificial vein that allows them to dialyze and clean her blood and remove toxins). My mom was not ready to face reality, so she declined. He advised her the fistula would take 6 months to mature to a point where she could begin dialysis through that port. My mom decided to gamble, think positive and hope it wouldn’t come to that. She chanted, but not consistently. Prayers are always answered in Buddhism, but you have to stay committed to your prayers and make the right causes, pray until something happens, and never be defeated. Her nephrologist told her if she waited too long, she would end up needing emergency dialysis, would have to have a very dangerous procedure where they inserted a catheter in the internal jugular vein in her neck, with the tube running through her chest. She didn’t want that, but she waited so long, she had to have this done on June 15, 2012 and has been on dialysis ever since.
 A doctor told my mom this catheter could last up to a year, but everyone advised her it was still best to get the fistula in her arm for hemodialysis at the clinic, or prepare for peritoneal dialysis (at home machine used while you sleep) and get a port installed in her stomach. She declined both and said she would just keep the catheter in her jugular and hope that she had no complications.
Here’s the problem- not only is the catheter in a dangerous location (her freaking jugular) but it also prohibits a lot of activities and sleeping positions, and poses a 54% probability of getting infected. My mom actually got an infection a week after it was surgically implanted (which was caught immediately and eliminated immediately thanks to my prayers for her protection, all the members chanting for her and her chanting for herself), so we see this is not a good idea. Despite this, my mom still decided she didn’t want to be “put under” for another dialysis port procedure even though the arm and stomach is a better location, and she didn’t want to have surgery again or be cut on until it was time for her kidney transplant. Everyone, doctors, nurses, family and websites all advised removing the catheter in the jugular as quickly as possible and have the other ports instead. My mom being the stubborn, strong-willed person she is repeatedly said, “It’s my effing body! I do not want an ugly fistula in my arm and I don’t want tubes surgically implanted in my stomach! I don’t care if it’s better, this is easier for me since it’s already there! Stop bringing it up!”
Here’s what part of my prayer was effective yesterday.
“For the sake of Kosen-rufu, I pray for my mom to have a total health victory and be cured 100% head to toe.
-My mom will have the absolute best, most compassionate, most knowledgeable, highly trained, professional doctors, nurses, techs and medical staff, who provide the best treatment, medicine, resources and support and will be capable of treating, healing and curing her.
-My mom will awaken to what’s best for her safety, protection and good health, and will be the best, most obedient patient and will be open to receive, accept, appreciate and follow the advice of her doctors to allow them to best treat and heal her. She will always receive the absolute best care, treatment, medicine, procedures, techniques, support and resources so she will have medical staff she can trust and be confident that they will assist in her total health victory.
Here’s the benefit. After only ONE day of chanting this way, (especially 8 1/2 months of her refusing to have the fistula or stomach port,) can you believe my mom suddenly decided IN ONE DAY to go ahead and listen to the doctor’s advice, and has finally agreed to the stomach port for peritoneal dialysis??? That’s absolutely amazing!!!! So once this is done, she can get the catheter taken out, and have dialysis done properly. (again, the catheter is only for emergencies and not meant for long-term use. It’s too risky) I am soooo grateful and happy to hear this. The nephrologist simply said, “Miss Riley, I think you should get the stomach port. It will be safer, will reduce your risk for infection, and will eliminate your headaches post-dialysis.” I’m blown away because doctors/medical staff have been trying to get her to do this for months, and no matter what they said, she chose to keep the unsafe, risky, limiting catheter simply because she didn’t want another surgery. Suddenly, the mystic law of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo goes to work, responds to my prayer and less than 24 hours later is showing me that my prayers can and will be answered. Wow! I am soooo appreciative.
I told my mom about the above prayer and she said, “you know, funny you should mentioned you prayed like that. One of the hospital doctors I didn’t like who was assigned to me before is once again assigned to me. As soon as I saw her I got pissed because I remember her being rude, cold, short, impatient and not helpful. Funny, today she was a total different person. She was nice, caring, sweet, patient, compassionate, informative and helpful. It’s almost like your prayer affected her already!”
I said, “yup, it sure did. I told you I chanted about it last night. Mom, you’re going to be totally fine. Have faith. I’m going to keep chanting. You WILL be in perfect health again.”
Lmao!!!!! How AWESOME is that???? That’s called “actual proof”!!!! The mystic law doesn’t mess around!!! Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is real, absolute and wonderful.
I texted my mom’s other half and explained that my mom was finally going to do the CORRECT port, and this is the response I got;
“What??? Are you serious? That’s unbelievable! I wonder what changed her mind? Wow! That’s amazing! I’m glad she changed her mind. Wow, that’s almost magical.”
My response
“it’s because I chanted about it. I told you this practice works. It was all prayer. I was more serious about my prayer this time, and it worked.”
Is this not a great start on the path to victory??? I’m sooooo excited and full of gratitude! Ain’t no stopping us now lol.
Here’s the deal, it’s not just my prayer less than 24 hours ago….I have A LOT of support. All the SGI members in Maryland have been sending daimoku (chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo like crazy). So this is essentially OUR victory and OUR answered prayers. I am sooooo beyond grateful for the support of all the SGI members. Whenever I’m too sad, weak, scared or bummed out to stay encouraged, they are right there by my side being a shoulder to lean on, a wonderful family providing love, guidance, support, encouragement, inspiration and prayers. They are wonderful. My mom and I are so appreciative for these amazing, compassionate, courageous SGI members. Thank you sooo much! Sensei is right, when we unite in prayer and have a shared vow for victory, the protective forces and mystic law go to work quickly and responds with amazing results.

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