15 Jul

Day 3- I wrote this yesterday, but I’m posting it late.

Ugh! Somehow I still didn’t hit my daimoku goal today! Only chanted 1 hour and 8 mins. However it was a great day! Major break-throughs, (my mom’s colonoscopy was totally clear. The doctors were checking for ulcers or colon cancer since my mom’s blood level is consistently low and she’s now had 3 blood transfusions total. All looked good. That was music to my ears! Also, she did very well and had no complications from the anesthesia, and woke up with ease and didn’t even know the procedure was done. Very grateful).

Also had an AMAZING day with my friend & Kayo-Kai sister Nichelle. We were supposed to chant 3 hours, but only ended up doing gongyo and chanting a few minutes. Not a bad thing though because we actually ended up spending 8 hours together talking, laughing, crying, hugging, connecting, encouraging each other, getting caught up, ect. It was truly a good time. I enjoyed our heartfelt conversation and deep connection. I’m so appreciative to have had this opportunity to spend with Nichelle. We were LONG over-due for a “hang-out” day. I’m soooo proud of her!! She made some strong determinations, we made a shared vow, we both let go of some long-held “crap” AND she decided to be proactive about her health by being raw vegan for 30 days. That’s awesome!!! She gave me some things to consider too, such as being gluten-free. We had so much fun just “letting our hair down” that the time flew by. Oh AND she’s going to actually assist me with fulfilling one of the goals I’m chanting about. I’m keeping this one a secret until the goal is complete lol.

Then, had a Toso (chanting session) and planning meeting with a few members from my district. I actually led gongyo today. My friend and Senior Leader Linda Y, made me promise I would make an effort to start leading gongyo, so I did lol. I was nervous, but I know it’s time to start leading. After 3 years of practice, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be leading gongyo at least within my district. Thanks Linda for encouraging me 🙂 Also, at this toso, I discovered a DELICIOUS vegan tuna salad.  My women’s division leader Miss Iris gave it to me. Sooooo good. (Her dog CoCo liked it too lol. I gave him a few pieces lol. CoCo is soooooo cute and sweet).  Man, I really need to start shopping at Whole Foods.

Went to visit my mom at the hospital. She’s doing REALLY good, looks great, is feeling better and was in high spirits. She’s just tired of being in the hospital and wants to get out and enjoy the awesome summer weather. I can understand that. She was supposed to be going up to Rehoboth Beach this weekend to her and Jiminey’s beach house, so that kinda sucks. (Jiminey is the nickname we call her other half lol). I know my mom is on an awesome journey toward a path of total victory, so this is just a minor set-back. She WILL be back in good health in no time. I already knew this, but realized today even more how AWESOME my mom is!!! She is soooo brave and compassionate to take on this mission. Her illness was NOT by mistake. She chose this before reincarnating again so she could clean up karma and encourage others. I already kind of knew this, but it all came clear today (Buddhist wisdom from chanting). Leaders kept telling me this, but it totally became clear today. My mom doesn’t realize how strong and courageous she really is. I can’t fully explain it yet….I can totally understand it in my mind, but I’m not able to articulate it yet. I just know my mom is really helping me deepen my faith, helping me fight even harder for kosen-rufu, is bringing many members together and encouraging a lot of folks whether she knows it or not. My mom is soooo powerful and amazing. I am soooo grateful for her. Truly. I can’t WAIT until the day she reports that she is healthy and cured head to toe so she can fulfill the other missions in store for her in this lifetime. I have a wonderful feeling my mom is going to take on SGI leadership stuff after her total health victory. That would be fantastic!!

One thing I need to chant about more is my cousin Angela (my wife’s first cousin). She had a 2nd stroke in like a 2 week period and she’s only 29!!!! That is sooooo scary. She also still has bleeding on her brain. I’m chanting for Angie to have a full and speedy recovery, and a total health victory free of any permanent damage or complications. Angie just graduated from college and was about to take a job as a nurse. She has 4 wonderful kids, a husband, many family members and friends who love her and a lot to contribute to the world as a nurse, so she MUST be healed soon! As I will continue to say….victory is the ONLY option! Tiffany, my mom and I and our Buddhist friends will continue to chant for Angie.

Tiff is also still having some issues with her diabetes. She has gastroperesis right now (stomach lining issue caused from diabetes). It’s causing stomach pain and nausea. I’m trying to encourage her to take better care of her health by losing weight, eating better and exercising. I’m going to do it with her to keep her inspired and to lose weight myself. We also REALLY need to quit smoking!

It’s really apparent Tiff’s family and my family are cleaning up some serious health karma. So this obstacle will soon produce joy 🙂


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