Great News!!

8 Nov

Here’s my Facebook post from a few days ago. Thought I’d share it here 🙂
(Just a note, I did not fulfill my goal of hitting one million daimoku by my original goal date, but I am still pushing forward and will not give up on my goal of one million daimoku. The amount of daimoku that you chant daily doesn’t matter, it’s the heart and your determination that matters. Another blog that I follow urges us to “Chant to increase the power of your daimoku by 10,000 times.” That’s what I’m doing. I need to increase the power of my daimoku, then the one million daimoku target will follow. Thank you Jaime Lee Silver!!! If you all haven’t started following her blog, I STRONGLY recommend it. This woman is AMAZING, full of wisdom, strong faith and love. Let’s all unite to increase the power of our prayers by 10,000 times.)

Most of you know my mom has ESRD (Kidney failure) and started Dialysis on June 15th, 2012. Well here’s some GREAT news (and an answer to my prayers and the prayers of everyone else who’s supported along the way); The University of Maryland Kidney Transplant Center coordinator called me today: they are ready for me to start the “work-up” to be my mom’s donor. I have to do a 24 hour urine collection
so they can test the strength of my kidneys, a pap-smear, some blood work and a physical, then an all day medical evaluation, plus a few more test. They said I’m a perfect match for my mom, we just need to wait a little longer because of her blood transfusions. (her blood has formed antibodies due to the 3 blood transfusions, so her blood is confused right now, otherwise our blood is PERFECT together, and my kidney is perfect for her body otherwise). (I also need to lose a little weight, thank goodness I’m a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition LOL, now I can finally get this weight off in a healthy and sustainable way. I have the tools, now need to use them). Fortunately, even if her blood continues to have issues with my blood, that won’t slow anything down. I would go into a “cross-match program”. Here’s an example/scenario of what that means

(Let’s say a lady named Tina is a B+ blood type and needs a kidney. She has a daughter named Marie who is an O+ and wants to be her mom’s donor and has a perfect kidney, but their blood types are incompatible. My mom Michele is an AB+ and I’m a B+ so our blood types ARE compatible, (actually AB+ although a rare blood type, is the ONLY blood type that can receive a kidney from ANY blood type as long as the antigens match, which mine do match. My mom was fortunate to have this blood type) but my mom is also compatible with Tina’s daughter Marie. Since Tina is NOT compatible with her own daughter, but IS compatible with me, and my mom is a universal recipient, I could be Tina’s donor and her daughter Marie could be my mom’s donor.)

I don’t mind doing the cross-match program, I actually think it’s great because essentially I get to save 2 lives at once. The donor center is just going to keep doing testing to make sure that doing the cross-match is best for my mom. If my kidney is better for her, we’ll go that route, but if cross-match is equally good, we’ll do that so we can save her life and someone else’s life. I’m putting it in the hands of the universe. I’m praying for the best possible outcome, the best kidney for my mom, and praying that everyone involved lives a long, happy, healthy life. I’m really excited about this process..even though it’s scary, I’m very happy to do this for my mom, and happy that I may even get to help someone else in the process. How cool is that??? What a great mission 🙂 I’m very grateful I get to participate in this, and share this journey with my wonderful mommy 🙂

Thanks again to everyone who’s supported my family during this time. My wife, my family, my friends, the Wright family (my in-laws), my SGI family (Buddhist friends) my IIN friends, even my facebook friends…you all have been sooo important in this process, encouraging, compassionate and committed/united in prayer. People have visited my mom at the hospital during her 10 hospital stays, called her to support/encourage her, went over to chant with her, chanted/prayed for her, sent cards and gifts, advocated for her medical care, sent uplifting emails, left wonderful comments, have called me, chanted with me, offered support, offered to run errands, talked with me during weak moments, facebooked kind words, ect. It’s amazing!!! I love you all. Thank you soooo much!!! I promised my mom a TOTAL HEALTH VICTORY, and dammit, I’m going to show her actual proof. I promised you all our prayers would be answered, and here we go, we’re almost there 🙂 I’m VERY absolute in my beliefs that Nam Myoho Renge Kyo works and would protect my mom. It’s coming to fruition at high speed. I am OVERWHELMED with gratitude right now. Thanks to each of you and thanks to the Universe!!! ♥ To each of you, I extend love, light, gratitude, appreciation and a commitment to repay my debt of gratitude. Stay tuned for a TOTAL Health Victory and good health head to toe for my mom, and I pray for victory in all areas of life for each of you.


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