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21 Jun

I want to send a HUGE dose of gratitude to all of you who have followed this blog. As you may have noticed, I haven’t written here in QUITE some time. My heart and determination is still the same, I’ve just been VERY busy with school, clients and being an entrepreneur.

This is my last post here, and this site will be deleted on July 1st, 2014. However, I am starting a new blog series this month (since I have over 3,200 people that follow my facebook page, I figured it was time to start writing free articles to provide deeper inspiration, instead of just quick burst on social media).

I’m building my site at the moment, so it’s going to take a few days before the first post goes out, but you’re more than welcome to take a sneak peak now at

The purpose of this new blog series is to help women across the world.
Join the tribe and learn how to:

  • remove the barriers that keep you from living the life of your dreams

  • unlock your spiritual potential to become the best version of yourself

  • heighten your intuition so you can answer the calls of your soul

When you join the tribe to get a FREE weekly dose of Soul Medicine and Bliss Alchemy. You’ll receive inspiration to reclaim your birthright of:

 true happiness

 fulfillment & freedom

 personal power & purpose

 deeper relationships

 abundance & flow

I’m here to support you on the sacred journey of following your bliss and creating a strong foundation for indestructible happiness. If this resonates with you, I welcome you with open arms to join me 🙂

Please note: although THIS blog (OneMillionDaimoku) is centered 100% around Nichiren Buddhism, this new blog is NOT. It’s a combination of all the spiritual perspectives, personal growth resources and inspirational tools that have helped me.

In  closing, for those who don’t come over to the new blog, I want to thank you so much for your continued support, love and daimoku here, and want you to know that you will always have a place in my heart.

Deep bow of gratitude,

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